Membership in our Community-Supported Agriculture program (CSA) invites you to share in the joys of our growing season. With farmer-run, market-style pickups of the freshest produce and a weekly, seasonal newsletter with recipes and tips, we’ll keep you well-fed and in-the-know.

Your choice to join the Green Wagon Farm CSA will change the way you live. It will connect you to the land in a new way; you’ll forge a relationship with farmers and with soil, and you’ll lend your growers peace of mind, with your upfront commitment to eating the harvest.

Your CSA membership puts you directly in contact with the people growing your food and with the landscape from which your food comes. Throughout the year, you will learn to prepare unfamiliar vegetables that are in season, and you will be introduced to new ways of cooking and preservation.

Your loyalty, trust, and support allows us to do what we do best and work to continually do better, reminding us for whom we work and why. Your promise will allow us to see the sunrise each morning, to enjoy a positive and stimulating workplace, to express ourselves creatively in our crop production, and to follow our high ideals regarding creation care.

Our CSA model has evolved each season here at Green Wagon Farm as we do our best to strike a balance between what is practical and pleasurable, both for our farmers and for our members. Each season we do our best to create planting and harvest schedules which ensure a weekly variety of work and food.