Membership Agreement

Your share of the harvest is a culmination of months of planning, seeding, planting, irrigating, weeding, harvesting, washing, and packing. We strive to provide you with the finest, freshest produce and treat you with the highest respect. While we expect a plentiful harvest, we cannot guarantee an abundance of every crop. We plan to continue planting a large variety of vegetables, but there may be variation in crop success from year to year. This contract commits members and farmers for a full harvest season (13, 26 or 50 weeks depending on the share), in its unpredictable beauty.

As a part of our community, you share in our successes as well as our failures, and for this, we are grateful. In exchange for your loyal support, we promise we will do our very best to meet your expectations. If a chosen share size & pickup plan is not meeting your needs, we would be happy to discuss changing your membership type. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can find the membership plan that works best for you.

Community-Supported Agriculture is a transaction, but it is also a promise, one which describes our relationship as producers and consumers as we work to nourish one other.

Payments: We use a program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our farm. With it, Green Wagon subscribers have online access to their own accounts. We accept payment via Credit Card, E-Check (bank account),or Paypal. 

Autopay Option: If you choose the Autopay option, your account will automatically be charged on the 1st of each month, and you will receive an email notification of the charge.

Manual Payment: If you prefer, you will still have the option to make manual payments. 

By purchasing a share, you agree to the following guidelines: 

  • I will make my payments on time. Full or monthly payment should be made on time. Monthly invoices are sent on the 1st of each month.
  • I will pick up my share on time. We do not offer reimbursement or other accommodations for missed pickups. 
  • I will make my own arrangements if I cannot be present at pickup. Friends or family members are always welcome to pick up a share in your place: please let them know the name of our farm, our pick-up policies, and the name of the CSA member they are picking up for. Switching between Tuesday and Wednesday pickups is acceptable as long as you let us know ahead of time. If you expect to miss more than a few shares due to vacations or schedule conflicts, please look into our Market Card! This card grants you access to Tuesday or Wednesday pickups and can also be used at Saturday Market (Market Cards save you between 5 and 15% on your purchases).
  • If I have a special, unexpected circumstance that prevents me from retrieving my share for an extended period, I will contact you as soon as possible. We will review your request and determine if we can make an accommodation.

If a member misses two pickups in a row, we will reach out regarding next steps. If we do not hear back within one week, member will be removed from the CSA program so that we can add new members from our waiting lists. 

Refund Policy: All sales are final.

Holiday Breaks: We take two breaks over the course of a year for our CSA pickups: one during Christmas week and the other during Spring Break. A large percentage of our members take vacations during these two weeks. We also like to offer our team a vacation from the rigorous schedule that growing and harvesting food demands. 

Have a question not answered here? Check the FAQs page or feel free to contact us directlyIf our service does not meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to call our CSA Manager, Rebecca, or email us (585.315.7351; csa@greenwagonfarm.com).

Helpful tips for storing your veggies...

What's in season now:

Arugula store in a plastic bag with a paper towel in the refrigerator.

Basil place the stem ends of the herbs into a jar filled with water, keep on the counter covered loosely with a plastic bag.

Beets separate roots from greens + refrigerate in the crisper, loosely wrapped in plastic.

Carrots separate roots from greens and refrigerate in the crisper, loosely wrapped in plastic.

Eggplant store in a plastic bag in the crisper.

Fennel refrigerate in a plastic bag. 

Herbs (Chives / Cilantro / Dill / Lemon Balm / Mint / Parsley) place the stem ends of the herbs into a jar filled with water, cover loosely with a plastic bag and refrigerate.

Kale store in a sealed plastic bag, refrigerate.

Leeks store in a plastic bag in the crisper.

Lettuce store in the crisper; with a paper towel to absorb moisture.

Microgreens (Mild / Spicy) store in plastic bag with a paper towel in the refrigerator.

Radicchio store in a sealed plastic bag, refrigerate.

Radish remove greens and store each separately in a bag in the crisper.

Pea Shoots store in plastic bag in the refrigerator with a paper towel to absorb moisture

Peppers store in a plastic bag + keep in refrigerated veggie drawer.

Thyme loosely wrap in a damp paper towel inside a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator

Sage wrap leaves in paper towel and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Salad Greens (Mild / Spicy / Spring Mix) store in plastic bag in the refrigerator with a paper towel to absorb moisture.

Salad Turnips remove greens + store each separately in a bag in the crisper.

Scallions stand in a jar filled with 1-2" of water, cover with a plastic bag and store in the fridge. If they're too large to do this, store in plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Spinach store in the crisper; with a paper towel to absorb moisture.

Tomatillos store loose in a paper bag in the refrigerator. To keep them fresh and free of bruises, keep the husks on until they are ready to use.

Tomatoes store on the countertop in a cool, dry place.

Winter Squash - Acorn / Delicata clean before storing in a cool spot, ideally with good air circulation.

Seasonality Guide


Bi-weekly Pickup Schedules - Summer CSA, June-November

Tuesday Bi-weekly Pickups at Green Wagon Farm, 3:30-6pm:

Group 1: (first pickup - 6/2) Group 2: (first pickup - 6/9)
6/2/2020 6/9/2020
6/16/2020 6/23/2020
6/30/2020 7/7/2020
7/14/2020 7/21/2020
7/28/2020 8/4/2020
8/11/2020 8/18/2020
8/25/2020 9/1/2020
9/8/2020 9/15/2020
9/22/2020 9/29/2020
10/6/2020 10/13/2020
10/20/2020 10/27/2020
11/3/2020 11/10/2020
11/17/2020 11/24/2020

 Wednesday Bi-weekly Pickups at Fulton Street Farmers Market, 4-6:30pm:

Group 1: (first pickup - 6/3) Group 2: (first pickup - 6/10)
6/3/2020 6/10/2020
6/17/2020 6/24/2020
7/1/2020 7/8/2020
7/15/2020 7/22/2020
7/29/2020 8/5/2020
8/12/2020 8/19/2020
8/26/2020 9/2/2020
9/9/2020 9/16/2020
9/23/2020 9/30/2020
10/7/2020 10/14/2020
10/21/2020 10/28/2020
11/4/2020 11/11/2020
11/18/2020 11/25/2020