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Owner, Farm Manager

Running long distance and digging large holes are two of Chad’s favorite pastimes. He studied business at Baylor and farmed in Uganda and for Groundswell before starting Green Wagon in 2010. Chad dreams in perennials, black walnut forests, and teams of oxen. Work is his love language, and the potato is his spirit vegetable.


Owner, CSA & Market Manager

Heather is a woman of force and of fine art. She is a mother of three small farmers, as well as the resident farm chef, market master, and co-head hauncho. She holds a degree in culinary excellence from the Secchia Institute. Her spirit vegetable is the Shishito Pepper.


2019 & 2020 Farmhand

Sarah fell into farming last year while working at Green Wagon and is pleased to be returning for another season of aspiring & perspiring. She studied literature and gender studies at Calvin College; her current writing resides in postcards and margins for the time being. You can most often find her jumping into the lake, searching for cool rocks in all places, reading in the sunshine, and hanging out with the Dreamgoats. Her vegetable of choice is the versatile cabbage.


Hoop House Manager 

Sam grew up in Escanaba, Michigan, where he learned to love farming, food, and dirt while playing on his parent's property. He continued to follow his passion for the outdoors while studying Natural Resource Management at Grand Valley State University. After a season of working for the forest service, he has moved back to West Michigan to get back in touch with his roots. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, running, rock climbing, and eating the food he helps to grow. His spirit vegetable is the noble Potato.


Cole is a young homeschooler from Lowell who loves working and learning at Green Wagon. He also enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, and raising animals for the 4-H Fair. As a returning employee of two years, Cole is Green Wagon's go-to for all miscellaneous landscaping tasks, along with helping out with any other job that needs to get done. His spirit vegetable is the durable Kale.


Harvest & Wholesale Manager

Laurie’s pursuit of farming has taken her to Appalachia and back again. She loves a good hike, living out of a backpack, and generally soaking up the goodness earth has to offer. Raised in northern Michigan, she came back to the mitten to work at Ham Family Farm, and is now learning the tools of the trade as a farmhand on the wagon. Her spirit shoot is the Asparagus--true spring magic.


2020 Farmhand 

Hanna joined Green Wagon Farm for the 2020 season after graduating from Grand Valley State University with a biology degree. She claims that in college her love of plants was truly an accident. It blossomed after she took a few plant classes and accepted a farming internship on a whim. Side research projects at Winkle Chestnut Farm and numerous rock climbing trips were the highlight of Hanna’s outdoor adventures. Farming has been a constant for her these past few years as she believes that farming cultivates community and is pivotal in promoting human health. In her free time she plays tetherball in her backyard and socializes over coffee. Her spirit vegetable is the benevolent broccoli.


Greenhouse & Wash Pack Manager

Former Executive Chef of Reserve Wine & Food and graduate of Secchia Institute of Culinary Arts, Zach has worked in kitchens since he was 17. Increasingly obsessed with food, Zach is a year-round Harvest Manager and resident farm-dinner coordinator. Besides food, he enjoys pinball, coffee, and time with his fiance and dog. Zach’s spirit vegetable is the Fiddlehead Fern.


CSA Pickup Coordinator & 2020 Farmhand 

With a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Northern Michigan University, Danielle has taken her love for farming and small scale sustainable agriculture all over the state of Michigan. While having both lived and farmed here and there, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will always hold a special place in her heart. When she’s not farming, you can find her outdoors romping with her dog Yoti, biking, hiking, traveling, and practicing yoga. Her spirit vegetable is the all mighty Garlic.


Field Manager

Caleb is a working-member-turned-employee who studied sculpture at Grand Valley State University. Equal part strategic and creative, Caleb brings his vision for function and form to the farm as Field Manager. When he's not organizing a multi-year crop rotation, Caleb can be found roasting coffee, riding his bike or making hot sauce. His spirit vegetable is the Patty Pan Squash.