Our 2020 Summer CSA is currently full! Please check out our Market Cards that provide additional discounts for your veggies. Market Cards can be used for all online purchasing and as well as at the farmers market.

In response to COVID-19, we are working with all due effort to ensure that we protect our CSA members from exposure and to continue to provide our vegetables on a weekly basis. Our CSA members now have the option to customize shares online based on a "suggested share" that we build each week. Members login to their CSA accounts and swap out items for any other available veggies from our online store. We are confident that we are operating our CSA program in the best and safest way possible during this time in efforts to eliminate as much interaction with others as possible.






We have 26-week and 50-week veggie subscriptions that run from June-November and year-round. With pickups at the farm in Ada or at Grand Rapids’ Fulton Street Market, members pay upfront, or with a monthly payment, selecting among three share sizes and between weekly or bi-weekly pickup (weekly only for year-round). At each pickup, members choose their own vegetables and quantities using our point system from the 20+ available options that week. Items are 1-2 points each.  


  • Biweekly Summer - 13 weeks (June-November)
  • Weekly Summer - 26 weeks (June-November)
  • Year Round - 50 weeks

Share Size: (please see share examples below)

  • Small- 8 points (4-6 items)
  • Medium- 16 points (8-10 items)
  • Large- 24 points (12-14 items)

Pickup Location:

  • Tuesdays 3:30-6:00 at The Farm (4960 Quiggle Ave SE, Ada, MI 49301) *Includes free U-Pick Garden 
  • Wednesdays 4:00-6:30 at The Fulton Street Farmers Market (1147 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids MI 49503) 

 2020 CSA Prices

Monthly payment options available 
Small Medium Large
Bi-weekly (13 Weeks): $210 $350 $500
Weekly (26 Weeks): $350 $650 $950
Year Round (50 Weeks): $52/mo $100/mo $150/mo


Share Size Examples:

Small (8 pnts) Medium (16 pnts) Large (24 pnts)
1 carrot bunch (2 pnts) 1 carrot bunch (2 pnts) 2 carrot bunches (4 pnts)
1 kale bunch (2 pnts) 1 kale bunch (2 pnts) 1 kale bunch (2 pnts)
1 scallion bunch (1 pnt) 1 beet bunch (2 pnts) 1 beet bunch (2 pnts)
1 cucumber (1 pnt) 1 scallion bunch (1 pnt) 2 scallion bunches (2 pnts)
1 pound tomatoes (1 pnt) 1 radish bunch (1 pnt) 1 radish bunches (1 pnt)
1 herb bunch (1 pnt) 1 bag mixed greens (2 pnts) 1 bag mixed greens (2 pnts)
2 zucchini (2 pnts) 1 bag microgreens (2 pnts)
2 peppers (2 pnts) 2 cucumbers (2 pnts)
1 pound tomato (1 pnt) 2 zucchini (2 pnts)
1 herb bunch (1 pnt) 2 peppers (2 pnts)
2 pounds tomatoes (2 pnts)
1 herb bunch (1 pnt)


Our 2020 Summer CSA is currently full! However, we'd still love for you to try our CSA. Each year, we open up Summer CSA signups on January 1st. We hope you join us next year!


We need a week's notice before you're able to start your trial. Please email us at csa@greenwagonfarm.com to schedule a start date.

Still have questions? Contact our CSA Manager, Rebecca Henderson, at 585-315-7351 or email us at csa@greenwagonfarm.com.