Collection: 2022 CSA Membership

Final pickup dates for the 2022 Summer CSA are the week of November 21st. You can view the final pickup dates for Bi-weekly shares here.

Starts June, 2022

We offer 13-week and 26-week vegetable shares that run from the beginning of June to the end of November. With pickups at The Farm in Ada or at Grand Rapids’ Fulton Street Farmers Market, members pay upfront, or with a monthly payment, selecting among three share sizes. Our CSA members customize shares by choosing their own vegetables and quantities with our point system from the 20+ available options that week. Items are 1-2 points each. 

PICKUP LOCATION:  Tuesdays 3:30-6:00PM at the Farm
Wednesdays 4:00-6:30PM at Fulton Street Farmers Market
Tuesday - Saturday 9:00AM-6:00PM at the Farm Store (pre-order only)

U PICK GARDEN:  If you choose the Farm as your pickup location, you'll receive some free U-pick items (limited to a certain weekly quantity)  as a part of your share. During the peak of summer we'll have things like beans, cherry tomatoes and a variety of peppers for you to pick for zero points! 

SIZE:  Small: 18 points (4-6 items); Medium: 36 points (8-10 items); Large: 54 points (12-14 items) 

FREQUENCY:  Summer shares are available every week or every other week. We do not offer small bi-weekly shares. If you are interested that option, we suggest you look into getting a Market Card and shopping at the Farm Store. 

PRE-ORDER:  We now offer the option to pre-order your share online! Each week you'll have the opportunity to customize your share ahead of time, or leave it be and receive the a share set by us. Then just grab a pre-packed share with your name on it at your pickup location. Pre-order share fees are charged up front and non-refundable.

MARKET STYLE PICKUP:  Choose to customize your share in person. We will display all of the options for that week in labeled bins where you can choose the specific items you want. Points and vegetable names are labeled. This style of pickup works on the honor system with no checkout. Our Pickup Coordinator is on site to help answer questions and give suggestions on how to use different vegetables. This pickup style is only available at our Tuesday Farm and Wednesday Fulton Street Farmers Market locations. 

PAYMENT:  Choose to pay in full now or choose monthly payments. If you choose monthly payments, you'll pay for the month of June as well as any pre-order fees now. July 1st you'll receive an invoice through Quickbooks where you can set up automatic monthly payments at that time. We accept cash, check, EBT, bank transfer and credit card payments. Please reach out to if you need to set up another payment plan.

SNAP SHARE - 75% DISCOUNT:  We have partnered with MI Fitness Foundation to offer CSA shares at a 75% discount through the Michigan Farm to Family CSA Program. If you are a SNAP customer, you have the option to pay weekly at just a quarter of the price! Select the SNAP Share below to see pricing. 



13-week share: $13, non-refundable upon sign up
26-week share: $26, non-refundable upon sign up

SMALL (18 points):
Full: Monthly:
Bi-weekly (13 Weeks): N/A N/A
Weekly (26 Weeks): $ 440.00 $ 75.00
MEDIUM (36 points):
Full: Monthly:
Bi-weekly (13 Weeks): $ 415.00 $ 72.00
Weekly (26 Weeks): $ 760.00 $ 132.00
LARGE (54 points):
Full: Monthly:
Bi-weekly (13 Weeks): $ 590.00 $ 100.00
Weekly (26 Weeks): $ 1,145.00 $ 192.00


Small (18 points) Medium (36 points) Large (54 points)
1 carrot bunch (2 pnts) 1 carrot bunch (2 pnts) 2 carrot bunches (4 pnts)
1 kale bunch (2 pnts) 1 kale bunch (2 pnts) 1 kale bunch (2 pnts)
1 scallion bunch (1 pnt) 1 beet bunch (2 pnts) 1 beet bunch (2 pnts)
1 cucumber (1 pnt) 1 scallion bunch (1 pnt) 1 scallion bunches (1 pnts)
1 pound tomatoes (1 pnt) 1 radish bunch (1 pnt) 1 radish bunch (1 pnt)
1 herb bunch (1 pnt) 1 bag mixed greens (2 pnts) 2 bag mixed greens (4 pnts)
2 zucchini (2 pnts) 1 bag microgreens (2 pnts)
2 peppers (2 pnts) 2 cucumbers (2 pnts)
1 pound tomato (1 pnt) 1lb zucchini (1 pnts)
1 herb bunch (1 pnt) 1 pint peppers (2 pnts)
1 lb tomatoes (2 pnts)
1 herb bunch (1 pnt)

We'd love for you to try our CSA! Purchase a Two Week Trial at any time of the year and receive a small share customized by you at either pickup location.  

We need a week's notice prior to the start of your trial. Please email us at to schedule a start date.


Still have questions? Contact us at

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