2022 Spectrum Health CSA (Employees Only)

2022 Spectrum Health CSA (Employees Only)

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Starts June, 2022

*only for employees who are part of the group organized by Christina 
We offer a bi-weekly (13-week) veggie subscriptions that runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. With pickups right at Spectrum Health, members pay upfront, or with a monthly payment, selecting among two share sizes. Our CSA members customize shares through an online account by choosing their own vegetables and quantities with our point system from the 20+ available options that week. Items are 1-2 points each. 

*Small shares are not offered in the bi-weekly option

*70% of the cost will be covered by a Spectrum Health Grant

SIZE  Medium: 16 points (8-10 items); Large: 24 points (12-14 items) 

PICKUP LOCATION  Choose one of the following days as your permanent pickup location for the season. If you need to change a pickup location due to special circumstance, please email csa@greenwagonfarm.com at least one week prior.
Thursdays, 3:00-6:00 PM at Spectrum Health (pre-order only)

PRE ORDER STYLE PICKUP  Pre-order your share online! Each week, you'll have the opportunity to customize your share ahead of time, or leave it be and receive a share set by us. Then just grab a pre-packed share with your name on it at your set pickup location. 

Pre-order share fees are charged up front and are non-refundable.

PAYMENT  Choose to pay in full now or monthly payments. If you choose monthly payments, you'll pay for the month of June and any pre-order fees now. July 1st you'll receive an invoice through Quickbooks where you can set up automatic monthly payments at that time. We accept cash, check, EBT, bank transfer and credit card payments. Please reach out to heather@greenwagonfarm.com if you need to set up another payment plan.