2023 Steelcase CSA (Steelcase Employees Only)

2023 Steelcase CSA (Steelcase Employees Only)

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June-November, 2023

The bi-weekly (13-weeks) veggie subscription for Steelcase runs from June 8th to November 23rd. With pickups at Steelcase Business Center on Thursdays (bi-weekly) from 1PM-4PM, members pay upfront for the season, selecting among two share sizes (Medium or Large). CSA members customize their shares through an online account by choosing their own vegetables and quantities with our point system from the 20+ available options that week. Option to purchase additional items each week is available. For more information about our CSA program, visit our CSA Resources and FAQs pages!

SIZE: Medium: 36 points (8-10 items); Large: 54 points (12-14 items) 

PICKUP LOCATION & TIME: Thursdays at Steelcase Business Center, 1pm-4pm (Thursday Bi-weekly Group B - scroll to bottom of page to view the 2023 Bi-weekly Schedule). 

PRE-ORDER STYLE PICKUP:  Each week, you'll have the opportunity to customize your share online ahead of time. Shares will be pre-packed, labeled by last name, and ready for pickup at your set pickup location and time. If you forget to customize your share or choose not to on any given week, don’t worry! We will still pack our suggested share for you to pick up that week. 

PAYMENT:  Payment is made upfront for the season, with a one-time additional Pre-order fee of $52. This one-time fee covers the extra costs of delivery and pre-packing all shares. We accept cash, check, EBT, and credit card payments. Please reach out to csa@greenwagonfarm.com or healthproconsult@gmail.com (Heiki Cunningham) if you have any questions.

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